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Service Excellence

Service Excellence

At Saint Xavier University, we inspire success by working together to provide meaningful, personalized service in a spirit of excellence. Whether serving prospective or current students, alumni, local residents or our fellow faculty and staff colleagues, these standards define the Saint Xavier service experience.

Our service standards define how staff and faculty will achieve this service goal. They provide the consistent, non-negotiable standards of behavior that ensure employees are clear about what to do in any given situation. Our service standards are:


  • Be helpful and friendly
  • Return communications in a timely manner
  • Be present and listen actively
  • Be prepared
  • Connect people to correct solutions or resources


  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Be accountable to self and others
  • Engage in a cooperative spirit
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm to find quality solutions


  • Be thorough and accurate
  • Demonstrate required knowledge
  • Complete tasks efficiently and on time
  • Take initiative for continuous improvement


  • Be courteous and professional
  • Be engaged and attentive
  • Show empathy
  • Be inclusive and equitable to all

Download Saint Xavier University's Service Philosophy and Standards (PDF).

Service Excellence Focus

Developing and maintaining a service excellence culture requires a multitude of initiatives and programs. The Service Excellence Team has divided into seven subcommittees, each with a focus that will lead the way in establishing and advancing service excellence university-wide. Each of these subcommittees is charged with specific objectives. They include:

Communication and Awareness

  1. Keep service excellence fresh and interesting
  2. Share success stories and best practices
  3. Use all forms of media


  1. Model service excellence throughout the interview process
  2. Learn the unique qualities of your best performers
  3. Maintain structure and consistency for all aspects of the interview process

Orientation and Training

  1. Demonstrate pride in the University
  2. Exhibit understanding of service philosophy and standards
  3. Provide a clear understanding of expectations

Recognition and Celebration

  1. Recognize strong performers as you see service excellence behaviors occur
  2. Relate recognition to service philosophy/standards
  3. Provide recognition for both individuals and groups


  1. Help staff decide what actions and behaviors to measure
  2. Encourage display of measurement data
  3. Help faculty and staff set attainable goals

Service Obstacle System (SOS)

  1. Develop a system for communication of service obstacles
  2. Encourage communication of obstacles
  3. Involve staff in resolving obstacles


  1. Encourage service excellence by demonstration
  2. Reinforce the vision and goals of these standards
  3. Enforce accountability for service excellence