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Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research

During the course of their studies, Biology major students may choose to participate in the Undergraduate Research Program in Biology (URPB). The URPB offers motivated students an opportunity to conduct original laboratory and/or field research in a variety of different areas of Biology under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

For additional information or questions, feel free to contact the following faculty members:

Faculty Members 

Christopher W. Appelt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Phone: 773-298-3521

Research Interests: Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation
Ongoing Projects:

  • Examining the role of play behavior on the development of predatory behavior of grasshopper mice
  • Examining the impacts of non-native feral Monk Parakeets on native bird species in the Chicago area

Liane Cochran-Stafira, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Phone: 773-298-3513

Research Interests: Community and Evolutionary Ecology, Aquatic Ecology and Microbial Ecology
Ongoing projects:

  • Metacommunity dynamics in the community of invertebrates and microbes in the water-filled leaves of the carnivorous pitcher plant Sarracenia purpurea
  • Analysis of genetic and phenotypic variation among clones of the H. rosa across multiple spatial and temporal scales
  • Is there evidence for co-evolution in the S. purpurea system?

Randy Krohmer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Phone: 773-298-3527

Research Interests: Neuroendocrine control of courtship behavior in a species exhibiting a dissociated reproductive pattern, the red-sided garter snake
Ongoing projects:

  • The role of sex steroids and hibernation on the development of brain nuclei
  • Distribution of aromatase immunoreactive cells in the spinal cord of the garter snake
  • Is courtship behavior in the male red-sided garter snake regulated by aromatase activity during low temperature dormancy

Tatiana C. Tatum, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Phone: 773-298-3408 

Research Interests: Cytogenetics and Environmental Science
Ongoing Projects:

  • Effects of diesel fuel contamination on the physical characteristics of brine shrimp and Forage Kochia
  • Examining the effects of environmental contaminants on various animal and plant species
  • Analysis of genetic and phenotypic variation among clones of the H. rosa across multiple spatial and temporal scales

Other Contacts

David Elmendorf
Associate Professor
Phone: 773-298-5243
Joseph Dertien
Associate Professor
Phone: 773-298-5262
Rick Monzon
Associate Professor
Phone: 773-341-5241