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Computer Science Graduate Program

Computer Science Graduate Program

The Master of Applied Computer Science (MACS) program is designed for those who want to enhance their career with in-depth technical knowledge in computer science. The MACS program will prepare students for IT careers in a wide variety of settings, including finance, insurance, medical, education, government, manufacturing and service industries.

Countless companies nationwide in both the public and private sectors need candidates with technical skills. Our graduates have the knowledge and skills they need to push their careers forward and make a huge impact in society.

Small class sizes and a flexible schedule allow students to engage, collaborate and learn from their instructors as well as from their classmates. For international students, we offer curricular practical training (CPT) and optional practical training (OPT) opportunities.

Flexibility of Schedule

To accommodate busy schedules, courses are offered in the evening and on weekends. The completion schedule is flexible. You are required to complete 36 credit hours (12 courses). The typical path is three courses each semester for two years (four semesters). Alternatively, you can complete the program in two full years with only two courses each semester by including summer courses (four semesters and two summer terms). The schedule can be compressed or stretched as desired by students.

In conjunction with a Master of Applied Computer Science (MACS) degree, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree may be completed by taking an additional 24 graduate credit hours with courses through the Graham School of Management, which can be completed in one additional year. See Dual Master's Degrees for more details.


The MACS program provides in-depth knowledge of core technical skills in a variety of topics within the computer science field. You can focus your study by pursuing one or more concentration tracks such as networking, cybersecurity, web development, machine learning and cloud computing. Also, you have the option to complete a thesis and/or an internship.

Entrance Requirements

To enroll in the program, you are required to have a bachelor's degree in any field of study (a degree in computer science, computer engineering or information technology is recommended) with some knowledge in programming. If you do not have any programming background, you will need to take one programming course to start your journey here at SXU. The programming course can be taken at SXU or elsewhere. Your work experience in the industry can substitute for coursework; simply talk to your advisor to see what courses can be waived.

Application Components

Admission Requirements

Below are the requirements for the MACS program:

  1. A completed Graduate Student Application (no application fee).
  2. Personal statement. In approximately 300 words, please address: (1) your personal career goals, (2) how you developed an interest in computer technology and the Internet, (3) your computer background and proficiency, (4) how this program fits into your goals, (5) what skills and experience you bring to the program, and (6) what your needs and expectations are of the master of applied computer science program.
  3. Resume.
  4. Official transcript(s) from any/all institutions from which a bachelor's or master's degree(s) was/were received, and from any/all institution(s) at which graduate-level coursework was completed. For such institutions located outside of the U.S., an official course-by-course transcript evaluation from ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators), WES (World Education Services), or Educational Perspectives is required instead of the actual transcript(s).
  5. Two completed recommendation forms. Recommendations must come from individuals (supervisors, professors, co-workers, etc.) with whom you have an academic and/or professional relationship and can attest to your academic competence and/or professional skills and character. Applicants who are graduates of Saint Xavier University need not submit recommendations, unless specifically asked to do so after submitting the application.
  6. Applicants who have not worked in the information systems field and/or do not have a computer-based undergraduate degree may need additional coursework. If you are admitted into the program, an academic advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences will review your resume and transcripts for such purpose.

Application Form

Apply online for the Master of Computer Science (MACS) program or request an information packet by mail.

Admission for International Students

International students have additional application/admission requirements. See Supplementary Admission Criteria for International Students.