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Education Accreditation

Education Accreditation

Saint Xavier University's Education Department offers a number of programs (PDF) that are accredited at national and state levels. These programs include preparation of personnel to work within the K-12 academic setting. The Education Department is accredited at the program level and also at the larger unit level.NCATE Logo

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is the education profession's accrediting body. The accreditation review, in coordination with the State of Illinois, ensures that our programs provide high quality teacher, specialist and administrator preparation. This performance-based system of accreditation fosters the development of competent classroom teachers and other educators who work to improve the education of all P-12 students.

Each program submits reports for review to the Specialized Professional Associations (SPA) or to the Illinois State Board of Education on a seven-year cycle. These reports allow the specialized professional association aligned with their specific subject matter to assess the quality of the programs we offer.

Because of the specific nature of these reports and reviews, the Education Department uses terminology specific to the process. To review the terminology, you can take a look at the glossary of terms.