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Education Scholarships

The Education Department (formerly known as the School of Education) at Saint Xavier University guides students to become scholars, lifelong learners, leaders and reflective practitioners dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. In preparing professionals who can teach, administer, or counsel in schools and community agencies, the Education Department would like to award these students through financial aid.

The first step in the application process is to determine if you are eligible. Every student's individual financial aid package may determine their eligibility as well the amount of scholarship monies that they can qualify for. Before applying please check with Financial Aid. Contact Jacqueline Griffin at or 773-298-3074.

Saint Xavier offers a wide range of scholarships available to students University-wide and to students who fall into certain parameters like a specific major or academic year. There are a variety of other scholarships are also offered outside of Saint Xavier, which we call outside scholarships, that you may be eligible to receive based on the establishment's requirements. For more information concerning these scholarships and their application details, please visit the scholarship directory.

To apply for one of the scholarships below, please read the description carefully, then click on the scholarship name link at the bottom of the section. From there you will be brought to the scholarship directory page, which has detailed criteria and the online application.

Dr. Dorothy Binder Scholarship

Dr. Dorothy Binder was a faculty member at Saint Xavier University from 1964-1994. She served as director of the Education Center (equivalent to current dean of the School of Education). She initiated the Learning Disabilities Center, later known as S.T.A.R. Learning Academy, to meet the needs of local children with disabilities and to provide an incubator for graduate students to become special education teachers. Dr. Binder also hired founding faculty and commenced the graduate program in learning disabilities (now the multicategorical special education program). In addition, Dr. Binder inaugurated the continuing education program at Saint Xavier University with a unique interdisciplinary curriculum to meet the needs of returning adult students. Dorothy was dedicated to excellence. Dr. Binder regularly invited students to her home for review sessions or additional instruction. Dorothy's gracious hospitality helped students feel comfortable enough to concentrate and learn. Dorothy Binder also reached out to individual students, colleagues, and families in need. For twenty years, Dorothy and her family provided Christmas meals and gifts for a family on the west side. Sincere and unadvertised, Dorothy encouraged those she helped not to worry about repayment, but rather to "pay it forward" if they were ever in a position to do so. Dr. Binder believed that the essence of living is giving. The hallmarks of Dorothy's life were compassion* and service*.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

The Dr. Dorothy Binder Scholarship is a grant applied towards tuition in the following academic year.

Dorothy Ritter Davis Scholarship

Although her Chicago upbringing had not provided much preparation, Dorothy Ritter Davis quickly learned the fundamentals of field work, including milking cows, when she moved downstate to help her new husband start a farm in the late 1930s. Although her life had long revolved around the farm she and her husband Clarence built in the small community of Flora, IL, she never forgot her roots or the degree she received from Saint Xavier College in 1933. Before her death in 1998, Mrs. Davis endowed a scholarship in the Education Department. A fine role model for the thousands of children she met in her 33 years of teaching, Mrs. Davis modeled the University core values of excellence*, compassion*, service* and an appreciation for diversity.*

Dorothy Ritter Davis was born in Chicago. At a time when education for women was considered a luxury, Mrs. Davis' mother stressed education for her five daughters, as well as her two sons. Mrs. Davis won a scholarship to Saint Xavier College (as it was then known) because of her excellent academic performance. She took classes in the mornings and then took the trolley to work at a five-and-dime-store for 18 cents an hour. Interviewed in 1996, Mrs. Davis had this to say about her college days, "Then I had to do my homework and be up and ready for school the next day. I was so doggone busy!"

The core value of compassion is illustrated in Mrs. Davis' life by the comments made by a former student and principal in Flora: "Whether I was the five-foot-two scared freshman, the brash six-foot senior, or the principal working on a curriculum or discipline problem with her, she was always my friend."

Mrs. Davis led a life of service. She taught in a one-room school house, then taught English, Spanish and German at Flora High School. She was a willing sponsor of many extracurricular activities, including homecoming and proms, and always had time to talk with her students. When she established the scholarship in 1995, Mrs. Davis said: "The best thing to do is to help someone else ... I thought I should do something for [Saint Xavier University] because that school meant so much to me."

Throughout her life, Mrs. Davis appreciated diversity--learning from and thriving in the different environments in which she lived. She once said, "Can you imagine? A girl from Chicago going to a one-room schoolhouse?" At first, people laughed and described her as "green as grass." But now Dorothy Ritter Davis is remembered as a fine teacher and generous supporter of education, her memory cherished by those who knew her and those who enjoy the gift of education that her scholarship provides.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

The Dorothy Ritter Davis Scholarship Committee seeks to honor her by assisting an admitted Education Department student who possesses the core values of excellence, compassion, service and appreciation of diversity exemplified by Mrs. Davis. The Dorothy Ritter Davis Scholarship is a grant applied towards tuition in the following academic year.

Elaine Gallagher Scholarship

Elaine Gallagher was a proud graduate of the class of 1951. For 40 years, Ms. Gallagher taught in the Chicago Public Schools with a commitment and zeal that were wonderful testimony to the education she received at Saint Xavier University. She modeled the University core values of service and learning for life.

A seventh and eighth grade science teacher, Ms. Gallagher believed that science was an interesting and exciting subject and she shared her enthusiasm for the world of nature with her students. After earning her master's degree in Education, Ms. Gallagher continued to take courses in science as a learner for life and a teacher who always sought creative ways to enrich her students' education. Courses at Brookfield Zoo and other science centers provided new areas for exploration with her students.

Ms. Gallagher was an energetic and enthusiastic person. She loved to read and to travel and she used those passions to expand her horizons and those of her students. An active member of the SXU Alumnae Association, she enjoyed attending concerts, plays, and lectures at Saint Xavier University. She remained connected with the Education Department, keeping in touch with the latest developments in the field.

She gave generously of her time to her school, volunteering on committees and mentoring new teachers. She gave generously of her time to her community, volunteering as a minister of care in her parish. Ms. Gallagher continued to fulfill her responsibilities until a week before her death. Asked why she continued as her energy was sapped by her struggle with cancer, she replied, "They count on me."

Ms. Gallagher was a woman who made a mark on the world. Her good deeds were done quietly and without fanfare, yet she used her gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of thousands of students, hundreds of colleagues, and a host of friends. She lived out the mission of Saint Xavier University that calls upon her graduates to "enhance lifelong learning, foster personal growth and develop leadership qualities."

Ms. Gallagher believed that her education at Saint Xavier University was instrumental in her success as a teacher and provided scholarship funds so that others could follow in her path. It is a path that follows the mission of the University and the Education Department, the heritage of the founding Sisters of Mercy, and the example of thousands of proud graduates of the Education Department. It is a path that has service and love of learning at its core and the gratitude of those who follow at its end.

Elaine Gallagher's qualities of commitment to excellence*, service*, compassion* and hospitality* were remarkable.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

The Committee of the Elaine Gallagher Science Education Scholarship seeks to honor Ms. Gallagher by assisting an admitted Education Department student who possesses the service and learning for life qualities of Elaine Gallagher. The scholarship is a tuition grant available to students who are science majors in secondary education or students in early childhood or elementary education or graduate programs who may teach science at any level.

Dean Beverly Gulley Scholarship

Dr. Sarah Beverly Gulley (1945-2014) served as dean of the School of Education (now Education Department) at Saint Xavier University from 1996 until shortly before her death in 2014.

Dr. Sarah Beverly Gulley was born to in Valdosta, GA. After graduating from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA, with a B.A. in Religious Studies, Beverly attended Northwestern University where she met her husband, Gerry Gulley. Beverly went on to receive her M.A. in Education from Indiana University and a Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. After completing her doctorate degree, Beverly became a professor of Early Childhood Education at SIU where she worked for 20 years. During her service there, she was awarded Professor of the Year for her outstanding work in administration, grant writing, and project coordination. She pioneered Early Childhood Projects through the state of Illinois.

Dr. Gulley served as dean of the School of Education at Saint Xavier University for 17 years and worked tirelessly to advance programs in early childhood, elementary and secondary education -- both at SXU and throughout the State of Illinois. She was the longest serving dean of education in State of Illinois history and was instrumental in leading the School of Education through an accreditation process for the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. At that time, SXU was one of only 23 universities in Illinois to receive national accreditation.

Another of her prized accomplishments was the creation of the Barbara Vick Early Childhood and Family Center. This landmark program emphasizes a close partnership among educators, families and the community, providing multidisciplinary intervention and support to children aged 3 to 5 who are at-risk and have been diagnosed with special needs. Advisory councils for each of the School's education programs were also initiated by Dr. Gulley in an effort to build collaborative partnerships with education and community neighbors. In honor of her many years of dedication and success at SXU, the Dean Beverly Gulley Scholarship was established in 2014.

Beverly Gulley grew up in southern United States and was graciously hospitable. She was devoted to the education of young children and was an author of Training for Professional Child Care. She set an example of lifelong learning as she continued to study in the field of early childhood education, visiting Reggio Emilio schools in Italy and other European countries. The Dean Beverly Gulley Scholarship at Saint Xavier University is intended to provide opportunities for undergraduate education majors. The recipient will be someone who demonstrates the attributes of hospitality*and lifelong learning* that were characteristic of Dean Gulley's life.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

The Dean Beverly Gulley Scholarship is a grant applied towards tuition in the following academic year.

Lloyd Leake Scholarship

Dr. Lloyd Aldwyn Leake (1943-1996) served as dean of the Education Department at Saint Xavier University from August 1993 until shortly before his death in January 1996.

While at Saint Xavier, Dr. Leake secured reaccreditation for the Education Department and spearheaded efforts for an ongoing strategic planning process. Dr. Leake's spirit of hospitality and respect towards South African universities led to the development of the faculty and student global exchange program that promoted his core value of lifelong learning. Following Nelson Mandela's inauguration as president of South Africa in May of 1994, Dr. Leake traveled overseas at Mandela's invitation to study the social impact of education on black men in South Africa. In addition, Dr. Leake garnered the respect of high-ranking government officials and was selected by the secretary of state to participate in a special U.S. State Department conference on education and international relations.

Locally, Dr. Leake embraced the fundamental tenets of diversity and was in the process of creating innovative initiatives with the urban school systems to generate cooperative teaching relationships. At Saint Xavier, Dr. Leake was the highest ranking African-American administrator and served as both mentor and confidante for many African-American students on campus.

In order to continue his legacy of service* and compassion* that enabled people to more fully contribute to the world, his wife, Elsbeth F. Meuth-Leake, established a scholarship fund for African-American students at Saint Xavier University. Many of Dr. Leake's family members, colleagues and friends contributed to the fund in his memory.

Lloyd Leake grew up in Harlem and built a life unimaginable to most of his childhood friends. He set an example by transcending the seemingly impossible into a fulfilled and committed reality. He inspired many to do the same in their own lives. The Lloyd Leake Memorial Scholarship at Saint Xavier University is intended to provide opportunities for African-American students to follow Dr. Leake's example. The recipient will be an African-American undergraduate student who is admitted to the Education Department and demonstrates the attributes of excellence*, service* and integrity* that were embodied in Dr. Leake's life.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

The Lloyd Leake Scholarship is a grant applied towards tuition in the following academic year.

Julius and Catherine Heerey Malin Scholarship

The lives of Helen Heerey and Julius and Catherine Heerey Malin embody the qualities of excellence, service and integrity that are also among the core values of Saint Xavier University exemplified in the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy.

Academic excellence was an important value throughout their educations. Ms. Heerey and Mrs. Malin both earned master's degrees in social work. Service was an intrinsic part of the sisters' lives. Ms. Heerey applied her social work training working for the State of Illinois, assisting those with unemployment issues and directing people to agencies that could be of assistance. Mrs. Malin served the Red Cross in hospital service during World War II. She had a long career of service to others through municipal and county social service agencies. In addition, Ms. Heerey and the Malins served others through charitable organizations and have been generous donors to worthy causes.

In their careers and personal lives, Ms. Heerey and the Malins demonstrated integrity, recognizing that their personal actions serve the greater good. They utilized their education and talents to make the world a better place by modeling the virtue of integrity and assisting others through social action. They encouraged young family members to read, believing that reading opens up a world of interesting thoughts and is a key to success.

With this scholarship, the legacy of Helen Heerey and Julius and Catherine Malin will continue as students who receive the scholarship promulgate excellence*, service* and integrity* in the values they model and teach to children in classrooms of the future.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

The Julius and Catherine Heerey Malin Scholarship is a grant applied towards tuition in the following academic year.

George and Eunice McGuire Scholarship

George K. McGuire (1918-1972) was appointed to the faculty of the Education Center (now the Education Department) at Saint Xavier College in 1959 after receiving a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. Promoted to the rank of professor in 1962, he served as director of the Education Center from 1969 to 1971. Prior to his association with the College (now a University), McGuire was assistant principal of the Laboratory School of the University of Chicago, where he served on the faculty. He taught at Loyola University and in the Chicago Public Schools and was published in the field of education.

In addition to the excellence* of his academic and scholarly contributions, McGuire was a caring and humane person who treated everyone he met with respect.* A thoughtful speaker and focused listener, he encouraged his students to speak well and listen carefully and actively. McGuire was a generous teacher who served as a model for students in a teacher preparation program.

Eunice McGuire was an intelligent and well-educated woman whose academic career also exemplified excellence. McGuire began her career in education in 1942 in southern Illinois. She later taught English at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools for 39 years before retiring as head of the English Department in 1984.

Reflecting the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy who founded Saint Xavier University, the McGuires lived the virtue of hospitality.* They welcomed students, colleagues and all members of the SXU community. The McGuires were at home all over the globe, traveling extensively as citizens of the world. Their enthusiasm for nurturing future teachers and encouraging current teachers was well known. They supported all activities of Saint Xavier University and demonstrated their commitment to the University by providing a scholarship for a student in the Education Department.

*This is a core value of Saint Xavier University, as established and exemplified by the Sisters of Mercy.

The McGuire Scholarship Committee will honor the memory of the late George and Eunice McGuire by selecting a student who exemplifies the qualities of excellence, respect and hospitality. All undergraduate and graduate students in the Saint Xavier University Education Department are eligible to submit an application. Past tuition grants have been awarded to one undergraduate and one graduate winner. The George and Eunice McGuire Scholarship is applied towards tuition in the following academic year.