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Benefits of Yearlong Student Teaching

The Education Department is committed to preparing students for teaching in the early childhood, elementary and middle level programs. Our performance-based programs provide immediate applications from the college classroom to school settings. We work closely with our school partners to find the best settings for field experience and clinical practice/student teaching, which is broken into two 12-week sessions.

Many student-teacher programs require only one semester of clinical experience. Saint Xavier University, however, recognizes all things you could miss out on during a full year of student teaching.

Starting in the second semester of your sophomore year, you will begin taking supporting courses to prepare you for the edTPA exam, of which SXU has a 99% passing rate for all student teachers in 2016. As you continue through the program, you will engage in observation, practicum experiences and student teaching/clinical practice for a total of over 900 hours of engaged learning experiences!

Top Three Benefits of Student Teaching for a Full Year

1. Witness the Intellectual and Social Growth of Your Students

When you are given time to invest in your students, you will realize that you have more to gain! Each student comes from different backgrounds that influences the way they learn. As you work closely with individual students, you have the opportunity to learn their unique learning abilities and needs. Over the course of the year, you can devise creative solutions to achieving intellectual and social growth.

2. Develop Specialized Lesson Plans and Activities

Each classroom has a distinctive dynamic that needs to be considered when creating lesson plans and learning activities. With a full year of student teaching, you can gain insight into the inner mechanics of your classroom and have greater ability to tailor your teaching style and techniques to meet the needs of your students. For example, if you notice that certain students tend to be shy during full-class discussions, you may shape your next activity into small-group sessions where those students feel more comfortable to participate.

3. Confide in Expert Faculty with Individual Advising

With a full-year student teaching, you have the opportunity to work not only with other teachers and student teachers at the school, you also have the benefit of working with the Saint Xavier's faculty for a full year. With SXU's small class sizes and faculty to student ratio, you are ensured individual attention, which allows you to tackle specific obstacles and adapt your coursework to best meet your goals.

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