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Latino/Latin American Studies

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The Latino/Latin American studies facility come from a variety of disciplines and specialties. Feel free to contact Dr. Olga Vilella, Director L/LAS, for information on programs of study or any of our faculty for a conversation about Latino issues in our disciplines.

Affiliated Faculty

Jacqueline Battalora
Professor; Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Office: WAC L-319
Phone: 773-298-3949
Fax: 773-298-3314

Matthew J. Costello
Professor, History and Political Science
Office: WAC N-220
Phone: 773-298-3284
Fax: 773-298-3872

Alison Fraunhar
Associate Professor, Art and Design
Office: VAC A-216
Phone: 773-298-3083
Fax: 773/779-9061

Alberta Gatti
(On leave through 2017)
Associate Professor, Language and Literature
Phone: 773-298-3231

David R. Kohut
Associate Librarian
Library Liaison
Office: WAC L-230
Phone: 773-298-3355
Fax: 773-298-5231

Amanda Lopez
Assistant Professor, History and Political Science
Office: WAC N-225
Phone: 773-298-5238
Fax: 773-298-3872

Olga Vilella
Professor, Language and Literature
Office: WAC N-417
Phone: 773-298-3274
Fax: 773-298-3226