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Leadership Public Administration

Leadership and Public Administration Outcomes

Saint Xavier University is dedicated to providing top-quality education that is intentionally designed to develop your skills and expertise as you prepare for the next step in your education or career. The learning outcomes reflect the specific competencies that you will gain from our leadership and public administration program, while the curriculum map portrays how these competencies will shape and prepare you for the real world.

Learning Outcomes

Leadership and Public Administration Learning Outcomes

  • Students will describe the contexts of public policy-making.
  • Students will employ bargaining and negotiation theories to resolve administrative problems.
  • Students will evaluate existing public policy.
  • Students will make evidence-based policy recommendations.
  • Students will communicate their recommendations and evaluations in policy memoranda.

Curriculum Maps

Leadership and Public Administration Curriculum Maps

If you would like to learn more about what you can expect from the program, please review the following: