Saint Xavier University Math and Computer Science Department


Archimedeans Math Club

The 2017-2018 Math Club Officers

Rene Haskins

A message from Math Club President, Rene Haskins:

"I am a double major in mathematics and computer science, however, mathematics is the long-standing love of mine between the two. I've had a love affair with math as far as I can remember, and with this fueling my passion for this organization, I truly enjoy being a critical part in the success of the Math Club and look forward to continuing my efforts.

I will make a strong president for the Math Club through my enthusiasm for math and the commitment I have shown to this organization. I know the plans the executive board has for this club, and I want to help the future of the Math Club continue to look bright. I would love to get more students aware of and excited about different types of mathematics during my time as president, as well as serve the students already excited about mathematics."


Activities During the Academic Year

About the Math Club

Math Club meetings are open to all SXU students and meetings are weekly. Members are encouraged to suggest and/or organize activities. Please contact any of the Math Club officers with your ideas or questions.

According to the Math Club Constitution (PDF), the purpose of the organization shall be:

  1. to promote an interest and an awareness of mathematics throughout the SXU community.
  2. to provide a social and intellectual environment to all students interested in mathematics.
  3. to engage in extra-curricular mathematical-related activities.
  4. to expose students to interesting topics in mathematics that they would not normally encounter in the classroom.
  5. to invite guests to speak to the club on mathematics topics and career options in math.