Saint Xavier University Mathematics Department


Senior Seminar

As an art and a science, mathematics occupies a special place in the Saint Xavier University curriculum. It serves as an investigative tool for the natural sciences, business, education and psychology. It also plays an important role in the development of human thought. Mathematics forms a bridge whereby the student enters the realm of abstract and precise scientific thinking.

Math 399 Senior Seminar

The purpose of the senior seminar is to provide a culminating experience in mathematics for Mathematics majors and Mathematics Secondary Education majors.

The student will conduct research on an advanced topic with guidance from a faculty mentor, prepare a paper and give a presentation based on the research to faculty and students of the Mathematics Department.

Current Senior Seminar Projects - Fall 2017

Thomas Higgins: Linear Codes and Syndrome Decoding
Mentor: Dr. Nikki Pitcher


 Past Senior Seminar Projects

Spring 2017

Omar Diaz Marilyn Gellert

Omar Diaz

Research Topic: Press to Play: Game-Based Learning

Mentor: Dr. Jaclyn Murawska

Marilyn Gellert

Research Topic: Optimization Methods in Business Applications with 3D Printing

Mentor: Dr. Kristen Schreck

 Fall 2016

 Math Club  Courtney Correa
 Jessica Salgado, Johnathan Burch, Robin Prokaski, Sarah Egan, and Caitlin Christ Courtney Correa

Research Topics

Johnathan Burch: Twenty-Five Point Affine Geometry
Mentor: Dr. Kristen Schreck

Caitlin Christ: Variational Iteration Method for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
Mentor: Dr. Abdul-Majid Wazwaz

Courtney Correa: The Calculus of Running
Mentor: Dr. Kristen Schreck

Sarah Egan: Cryptography
Mentor: Dr. Nikki Pitcher

Robin Prokaski: Baseball and Statistics
Mentor: Dr. Arunas Dagy

Jessica Salgado: A Mathematical Examination of Characteristics and Specific Types of Fractals
Mentor: Dr. Jaclyn Murawska