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PRE-HEALTH Professions Program


Saint Xavier University has a long history of successfully preparing students for all allied health profession programs. As a pre-health student your options are wide. Students can decide from direct patient care (medicine, dentist, etc.), medical/ biological/chemical research careers, or to public health and health care administration. Saint Xavier's Pre-Health Professions program provides students with the strong background and advising necessary to become a physician, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, physician's assistant, chiropractor, pharmacist or veterinarian as well as researcher and public health and policy maker. We are dedicated to encourage students interested in health professions to make realistic and conscious decisions about their future paths.

The Pre-Health Professions program is not a major but rather a program designed to guide you take a series of prerequisite courses in physical, natural and social sciences that are required by various health related professional schools. You can major in any undergraduate program you are interested in as long as you complete all pre requisite courses for the program you are interested in.

Explore Your Options!

Health care profession is a demanding yet rewarding experience. The decision to pursue a career in the health professions should be made only after careful consideration of your personal interests, motivation and commitment. If you find yourself drawn to the health professions, you will want to use your time at SXU to complete required courses and gain experience in patient care areas. There are many paths to medical school and other health professions and we encourage you to take a route that works best for you, based on your background, interests and skills. The more courses you take and the more co-curricular experiences you acquire, the more information you will have to make an informed decision.

Join the pre-health student list by emailing your first and last name, anticipated year of graduation, SXU email address and the program you are interested in to a pre-health advisor and get added to the mailing list. We also encourage you to meet with a pre-health advisor to discuss your goals and questions as soon as possible after joining SXU. SXU alums who graduated within the past three years could also contact the pre-health advisors and we would happily advise and provide recommendation letters if needed.

Pre-Health Curriculum Committee

Dr. Tatiana Tatum Parker Dr. Bindhu Alappat Dr. Randy Krohmer
Associate Professor
Biology Department
Office: WAC S-218
Phone: 773-298-3408
Associate Professor
Chemistry Department
Office: WAC S-324A
Phone: 773-298-3518
Biology Department
Office: WAC S-214
Phone: 773-298-3527