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Psychology Program

As a student of Psychology, you observe, examine and engage with individuals and groups. As a student of the human condition, our shared mission is to gain a deeper appreciation of your community, city, country and world by learning about the dynamics, triumphs and flaws of those who came before you.

Our goals are straightforward: If there is a problem to solve, we strive to make your education equip you with tools that lead to effective solutions. To understand the human condition in the context of today, you will study the past and assess how we have arrived at where we are today. Using empirically tested theories to guide your thinking and scientific tools to test your hypotheses, your aim is to reveal the masked truths about reality. You will read the professional literature from multiple disciplines of psychology, gain insight about and skills in social science methods and data analysis techniques, practice perspective-taking and empathy, and figure out ways to help a person, group or community. You will engage in psychological research with published professionals, and obtain the tools needed to be an effective problem-solver of the human condition. We have a lot to offer to you, and we know that you have a lot to offer us, too!

What skills will I gain as a Psychology major?

Why study psychology at Saint Xavier?