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Indranil Ghosh

Indranil Ghosh

Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Accounting and Finance



Indranil Ghosh, Ph.D. is an associate professor at the Graham School of Management. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 2000. He primarily teaches MBA students in the Managerial Economics class, but he also teaches a couple of undergraduate Money and Banking classes. Dr. Ghosh's research interests include Game Theory and Mechanism Design, Analysis and Application of Auction Mechanisms, Economic Education, Voting Theory and Public Economics.

Dr. Ghosh is currently working on three research papers: Referenda and the Provision of Public Goods (with Rajat Deb and Tae Kun Seo); Auction Mechanisms to allocate players - The Indian Premier League; and A Comparison of Online versus In Person Delivery of an MBA level Managerial Economics Class.

Selected Publications

Applying Mechanism Design Theory to Allocation Problems in Universities, Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, 2013, Vol 14/2.

Using Media Articles About Company Strategies To Teach Economics To MBA Students, American Journal of Business Education, Feb 2012, Vol 5/2.

Justice, Equity and Sharing the Cost of a Public Project. (With Rajat Deb and Tae Kun Seo), Arguments for a Better World, Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen, Volume 1, Ed. By Kaushik Basu and Ravi Kanbur, Oxford University Press, 2009.

An Empirical Study of Collusion Potential Metrics and their Impact on Online Reverse Auction Success (with Srabana Gupta and Ido Millet)

Competition and the Winners Curse in B2B reverse auctions (with John Fizel, Ido Millet and Diane Parente)

Best practices for Online Procurement Auctions, Ed. By Dr. Diane Parente, IGI Global, 2008.

Welfare Asymptotics of the Pivotal Mechanism for Excludable Public Goods (with Rajat Deb and Tae Kun Seo): Mathematical Social Sciences, March 2002, Vol. 43/2 Pages 209-224.