Saint Xavier University Graham School of Management

Graduate Programs

Dual Master's Degrees

The Graham School of Management offer two option to gain an additional degree alongside of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Within these programs, students will be able to complete their degrees in a shortened amount of time.

MBA/MACS Program

The MBA/MACS is designed to meet the needs of those individuals aspiring to move into a management level position in Internet information systems. Students should first apply for the MACS program. One year into the MACS coursework, students should then apply to the MBA program. To apply for the Dual Master's Degree Program, students must complete the Dual Degree Checklist and receive written approval from an academic advisor.

MACS Core (36 Credit Hours)

The MACS program provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of important areas in the computing field. According to the program requirements, students must complete 36 credit hours of graduate course work consisting of at least 15 credit hours at the 500-level.

MBA CORE (24 Credit Hours)

After completing the MACS program first, students are allowed to enroll in an accelerated MBA program eliminating an MBA concentration and eliminating one core course, MGMT 530: Operations and Technology. Students must complete the remaining 24 credit hours of common core graduate course work. The required MBA common core represents an integrated curriculum providing both practical applications and a strong foundation in management theory.

Note: Those students who do not have an undergraduate degree in business administration must complete six foundation modules each worth one credit hour. Foundation modules may be waived based on prior coursework.

MBA/MSN Program

The dual Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Business Administration program is designed for nurses who would like to enhance their business management skills. The program is available with all three nursing tracks:

Clinical Leadership - Clinical leaders are prepare to practice in clinical leadership roles in settings throughout the health care delivery system. Note that the MSN courses in this track are only available online.

Executive Leadership - Executive leaders are prepared to practice in roles such as nurse managers, directors and other leadership roles. Note that the MSN courses in this track are only available online.

Family Nurse Practitioners - The FNP serves as a specialist in the delivery of primary care services to individuals and families in a wide variety of settings. Note that the MSN courses in this track are only available in the face to fact setting on Chicago campus.

Please see the School of Nursing and Health Sciences page for specifics about admission into the MSN programs. Students must apply to the nursing program first. Once admitted into the MSN program, admission into the MBA program is guaranteed. After completing the nursing program first, students are allowed to enroll in an accelerated MBA program, eliminating an MBA concentration and one core course, MGMT 500: Management Theory.

Check out SXU's Nursing Admission Requirements or the Program Information Sheet (PDF) for additional information.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions about the MACS Program or the MBA, please contact us.

Bruce Lipman Imad Al Saeed
Director, Business Graduate Program
Saint Xavier University, Graham School of Management
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Program Director, Master of Applied Computer Science
Saint Xavier University
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