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Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificates

For students seeking to enhance their knowledge base or expand their career options in a short period of time, the Graham School of Management has the perfect solution! Graduate certificates are an excellent opportunity for interested students to gain specialized skills without committing to the full graduate degree program. Students must apply for a certificate program or the graduate program to earn a certificate.

All certificate options offer four courses (12 credit hours) that may be applied to an MBA program, should students wish to continue their studies. To view Graduate Certificate requirements please visit our academic catalog.

Employee Health Benefits Certificate

The employee health benefits certificate (EHBC) is designed for professionals in or preparing to enter the health benefits field. This coordinated sequence of graduate courses helps human resources and benefits professionals understand how organizations design and manage health benefits packages for their employees.

Financial Fraud Examination and Management Certificate

The need for financial fraud examiners is rapidly growing, largely due to new federal laws requiring auditors to take additional steps to identify fraud as well as new accounting standards regulated by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) since the Enron scandal erupted. Among other initiatives, the AICPA has teamed with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners to encourage colleges and universities to develop financial fraud examination programs.

This graduate certificate in financial fraud examination and management is designed to prepare students to meet the rapidly growing demand for professional fraud examiners.

Health Administration Certificate

The certificate of health administration is designed for professionals in or preparing to enter the health care industry. This coordinated sequence of graduate courses provides both breadth and depth in issues related to understanding health care in the United States.

Courses consider how the system evolved into its present state; how financial, legal, and governmental mandates are affecting the industry; and how managed care impacts health care and society.

Human Resource Management Certificate

The certificate in human resource management is designed for students to develop their skills with today's human resource needs. This includes recruitment and selection, succession planning, compensation policies and performance appraisal systems.

Project Management Certificate

The certificate in project management will prepare students to manage complex projects given finite time lines. It will also provide industry-standard to help successfully manage any type of project regardless of scope or industry and allow students to practice the concepts in a project-based team environment.

Please Note

Prerequisites apply to all courses, so graduate students who do not have a background in business will be required to take the six foundation courses in addition to the certificate requirements.

Non-degree-seeking students are limited to taking no more than 6 credit hours.