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Communication Sciences and Disorders Undergraduate Programs

Speech-Language Pathology is offered a major and minor for undergraduate studies. Please review the program requirements and the course descriptions in the SXU Academic Catalog for more detailed information.

Speech-Language Pathology Major

The major in Speech-Language Pathology is an undergraduate program leading to a broad-based bachelor's degree in human communication and its disorders. We strongly encouraged you to pursue a graduate degree in this field. We also offer you opportunities to observe and participate in a clinical practicum at the University's Ludden Speech and Language Clinic on campus.

To qualify for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology, you are required to satisfactorily complete the following courses:

  1. General Education curriculum.
  2. Required courses in Communication Sciences and Disorders totaling 38 credit hours. A grade of "C" or better must be achieved in all courses in the major.
  3. One course covering language and communication across cultures.
  4. Clinical Methods (CSDI 310) and Clinical Practicum (CSDI 355) are available to students who qualify ("B" average in courses in the major).
  5. Twenty-five hours of clinical observation.

Electives may be taken in any areas of student interest. Students will be advised regarding basic biological and physical science, mathematics and social science coursework required for certification at the state and national levels.

Speech-Language Pathology Minor

Speech-Language Pathology minors must complete CSDI 204 and an additional 15 credit hours of communication sciences and disorders coursework. If you're interested in this minor, meet with the department chairperson and plan a course of study that fits your needs and interests.

Student Spotlight

Meghan Hill

Meghan Hill

"My experience in the program gave me an abundance of experiences that prepared me for a future in speech-language pathology. I gained knowledge in the key areas of CSD, which has allowed me to develop a solid foundation for master's education. The program also provided opportunities to volunteer through our student organization, National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA). During my senior year in the program I had the opportunity to complete a senior research project, and I also participated in clinical practicum that gave me hands-on experience working with speech therapy clients in a supervised setting. These experiences were unique to SXU's undergraduate CSD program and have thoroughly prepared me to be successful in pursuing a Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology."