Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

General Education Program

Curriculum for First-Year Students

With the exception of those who enter SXU under the Adult College, students who enroll with less than 30 credit hours are classified as "first-year students," and first-year students need to complete 16 courses/46 credit hours in general education:

  1. Students begin their journey by taking six courses (16 credit hours) in the first-year, focused on the essential skills of writing (ENGL 120), public speaking (COMM 101), and close and careful reading of primary text (PHIL 140), the transition to college-level learning (Transitions 100 and FYS 175), and a college-level Math course.
  2. First and second-year students then broaden and deepen their understanding of the disciplines that make up a liberal arts education by taking 10 courses (30 credit hours) divided into five key areas: two courses in History, two courses in Natural Science, two courses in Social Science, two courses in Philosophy and Religious Studies, and two courses in the Art, Music and/or Literature.

The final set of GE requirements does not involve separate courses, but requirements attached to either general education courses or courses in the major. For students who enter in 2018F, level III will involve one course approved for Diversity Studies, one course approved approved for Global Studies.