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Office of Records and Advising

University Placement Program

Records and Advising oversees Mathematics and English placement exams, as well as foreign language placement exams, including Spanish, French, Arabic and Polish.

Incoming freshman can register for a placement exam date when you register for FOCUS.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email

Mathematics and English Placement

The Accuplacer Math and English placement exams are required for all incoming students, unless you have previously earned college-level credit. Students will be taking the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra and the Accuplacer College Level Math to determine math placement. The Accuplacer WritePlacer test will be given to determine English placement.

The English portion of the exam is a 60 minute computerized written exam. The student will be given a topic and asked to write a 300 to 600 word essay on that specific topic.

The Math portion of the test is a multiple choice computerized exam that is not timed. The first part of Math exam is 12 elementary algebra questions. If the student exceeds in this area the student will receive 20 more questions. These questions will consist of college level math. The average time for the math exams could take between 45 to 60 minutes.

Study and Preparation

Texts and practice tests suggested for review:

Placement Levels

*If a student places into MATH 090 or MATH 099 the course credit will not apply towards graduation. However, MATH 090 and MATH 099 will apply towards financial aid. Please contact Records and Advising if you have further questions.