Saint Xavier University FOCUS 2018



What is FOCUS?

The first step to becoming a Saint Xavier University student is participating in a FOCUS session this coming summer. New first-year students entering SXU in the fall must attend FOCUS orientation. FOCUS is designed to make your transition to college life as smooth as possible.

So what is FOCUS? FOCUS is an orientation program to provide you with essential resources and information to prepare you to make the transition to college. At FOCUS you will receive information about your first-semester classes and meet lots of other people while having a great experience and spending the night on the Saint Xavier campus. What's more, you will be introduced to our Catholic, Mercy heritage and to campus resources and support services -- people and areas that will enrich your Saint Xavier University experience.

FOCUS isn't just for students; parents and guardians are highly encouraged to participate as well. Parent Orientation which takes place on Day 1 of each FOCUS session will familiarize parents and guardians with key aspects of academic and student life at Saint Xavier University. Highlights include information on academic expectations, student housing and financial aid. Participants also have the opportunity to meet with University leaders, ask questions of current students, faculty and staff, meet other parents and learn more about the University's rich Catholic, Mercy heritage and mission.

Bottom-line: you will have fun, meet new people, learn about campus, and get acquainted with your new community! We are mindful that SXU students have a busy summer schedule, so we keep FOCUS relevant, informative, engaging and fun. FOCUS is overnight so that you have a chance to get to know a number of other new students. Many students say that spending the night is one of their favorite parts of the program! Our commuters really enjoy the opportunity to get a glimpse of the residential experience.

FOCUS Dates - Summer 2018

FOCUS 1: Sunday, June 24 - Monday, June 25
FOCUS 2: Thursday, June 28 - Friday, June 29
FOCUS 3: Sunday, July 8 - Monday, July 9
FOCUS 4: Wednesday, July 11 - Thursday, July 12
FOCUS 5: Sunday, July 15 - Monday, July 16


For registration, please fill out the Placement Testing Form. Once the form is completed, we will contact you with further information regarding your upcoming orientation. We look forward to meeting you! Feel free to email with any questions.