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Graham School of Management

The Graham School of Management prepares students to meet the challenges of providing responsible leadership and effective management in a diverse and changing global society. In pursuing this mission and advancing the University mission, core values and strategic directions, the Graham School of Management will:

  • Provide quality, innovative and state-of-the-art academic programs
  • Develop faculty with academic and practitioner focus that translates theory into practice through their intellectual contributions and service to the business community
  • Create a success-oriented culture in which faculty and administration focus on students and their needs as learners
  • Foster partnerships with leaders in business and nonprofit organizations for the purpose of strengthening the student experience and mutual support of growth and development of the regional economic community
  • Be a center for the development of thought and commitment to socially responsible and ethical management

Undergraduate programs offered by the Graham School of Management include a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with concentrations in accounting, digital marketing, finance, hospitality management and management; business minors in business administration, digital marketing, finance, hospitality management, and management; and certificates in business and accounting. The Graham School of Management also offers a Bachelor of Business Administration Fast-Track degree. This is an accelerated, transfer degree program that was designed with the adult student in mind.

Faculty and Staff

F. Rahman, Acting Dean; P. Belsky, Director, Center for Experiential Learning; M. Chishty, Associate Dean; V. Cicchirillo; S. Cromlish; R. Cyborski, CPD Administrator; D. Cyze; J. Daniel; S. Ehsani; J. English; I. Ghosh, Accounting and Finance Divisional Chair; S. Hallenbeck, CPD Administrator; B. Hill; M. Hoque; S. Klatka; A. King, Director of Accounting; B. Lipman, Graduate Program Director; C. Luczak; N. Mancari, Undergraduate Program Director/Project Manager; R. McNally, Management and Marketing Divisional Chair; H. Mohammadi; R. Mueller; D. Parker; K. Roberts, Academic Division Coordinator; D. Rook, Office Manager, S. Wang; N. Younkin.

Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

The Graham School of Management, in conjunction with the Center for International Education (CIE), offers a variety of study abroad and exchange programs. Contact the director of CIE for further information.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, a student must have a cumulative business major grade-point average of 2.25 and no more than two D's in business courses.

Special Options

Saint Xavier University provides various options through which students can demonstrate subject-matter mastery of certain courses. If successfully passed or completed, credit toward the degree is awarded. Business credit can be derived from the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), Excelsior exams, American Council of Education (ACE) credit and through portfolio assessment (credit for prior learning). For more details, see the general University guidelines.

Note: The Graham School of Management administration reserves the right to designate which courses may earn credit through the CLEP/portfolio process.