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Business Minors

Business minors are available in the areas of business administration, digital marketing, finance, hospitality management, and management. All business minors are designed to meet the needs of students specializing in the sciences or the arts whose career opportunities may lead to positions in business or a related field. All minors are designed to provide a sound orientation in basic elements of the selected field.

Students majoring in a business concentration may take one additional major, rather than pursuing a minor. In case of a double major, only one course can serve as meeting the retirements of both majors. The number of business majors BBA students may declare is limited to two.

Business Administration

Students must take the following courses for business administration:

  • ECON 200: Principles of Economics Macro
  • ACCT 210: Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 211: Managerial Accounting
  • MKTG 300: Principles of Marketing
  • BANA 250: Excel for Business
  • MGMT 370: Organizational Behavior
  • FINC 300: Principles of Finance

Digital Marketing

Students must take these required courses:

  • MKTG 300: Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG 350: Internet Marketing
  • MKTG 355: Social Media Marketing
  • MKTG 380: Marketing Strategy

Then, select one marketing elective from the list below:

  • MKTG 311: Achieving Service Excellence
  • MKTG 340: Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG 360: Promotional Strategy


Students must take these two required finance courses:

  • ACCT 210: Financial Accounting
  • FINC 300: Finance

Then, select four finance electives from the list below:

  • FINC 310: Money and Banking
  • FINC 320: Investments and Portfolio Management
  • FINC 330: International Finance
  • FINC 340: Advanced Corporate Finance
  • FINC 350: Futures and Options

Hospitality Management

Students must take this required hospitality management course:

  • MGMT 310: Introduction to Hospitality Management

Then, take these four hospitality management courses:

  • MGMT 311: Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism
  • MGMT 312: Meetings, Expositions, Event and Convention Planning
  • MGMT 313: Hotel and Lodging Management
  • MGMT 381: Internship


Students must take this required management course:

  • MGMT 330: Diversity in Organizations
  • MGMT 370: Organizational Behavior

Then, take four management electives:

  • MGMT 310: Introduction to Hospitality Management
  • MGMT 362: Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • MGMT 360: Human Resource Management
  • Approved management elective