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Job Fairs

Job Fair Tips

A job fair is a great opportunity to network with numerous employers at one site on one day to discuss career and internship positions. It allows you to establish connections with recruiters in ways that your resume does not. Note that it is not a simple recruitment event for passively dropping off your resume. It is a networking opportunity that requires preparation and follow-up to result in quality job leads. Here are some measures you can take to make the most of your visit to a job fair.

The Elevator Speech
An elevator speech is a piece of communication that can be delivered in the time it takes to ride from the bottom to the top of a building in an elevator, approximately 30 seconds. It answers two basic interview questions: "What can you tell me about yourself?" and "Why should I hire you?"

Example: "Hi, my name is Chris Smith. I am a senior Communication major interested in a career in event planning. As an active member of my college's Service Club, I have been instrumental in helping to coordinate and promote educational events on campus and service projects in the community. This experience has helped me to develop strong skills in communication, teamwork, organization, and problem solving. I am interested in learning details about the marketing internship that is offered through your special events department."