Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

Campus Ministry

Enrich your Spirituality

Saint Xavier University offers many opportunities for alumni to connect with the University's Mercy tradition of enriching spirituality.

2017-18 Academic Year

Sacrament Preparation

Catholic alumni who wish to be Confirmed or who have not had the opportunity of receiving their Sacraments of Reconciliation or Communion can be prepared and receive these Sacraments at McDonough Chapel. There are 14 sessions of one hour each for Confirmation and six sessions for Communion and Reconciliation. Time and day are based on the schedules of the participants. Contact Sr. Carol Mucha at or call 708-297-4232.

Individual Spiritual Companioning

Need someone to talk to? To listen to your dreams and relationship with God? Or are you distancing from God? Sign up for conversation with a trained spiritual companion. All conversations are strictly confidential. These sessions are generally held once a month for one hour. Those who want to participate in this opportunity need only set up a time through email. Cost is on a sliding scale depending on the person's ability to pay. Contact Sr. Carol Mucha at or call 708-297-4232.

Preparation for Becoming a Eucharistic Minister

There are two opportunities to learn and prepare for becoming an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. This is provided once each semester and consists of a two-hour session. Contact Mary Rita Insley at or call the Mercy Ministry Center at 773-298-3900.

Spiritual Reading

Do you need something to read beyond the required? Used books in excellent condition that will lift your spirit and draw you closer to God are available for purchase and are priced between one dollar and five dollars. The books are varied whose authors are renowned spiritual and theological writers. Contact Sr. Carol Mucha, R.S.M., at or 708-297-4232.