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Vehicle Regulations

Citations Fines

View the complete Parking on Campus and Vehicle Regulations Manual (PDF).

The following violations occurring on private property are enforceable by the Chicago, Orland Park and Saint Xavier Police Departments and may be prosecuted in Traffic Court of the Circuit Court of Cook County:

Parking and Traffic Citations carry the following fines:

Parking in handicapped zone $250
Parking in a fire lane/within 15 feet of a hydrant $150/$100
Abandoned vehicle (upon towing) $100
Speeding (traveling in excess of 15 mph) $50
Parked in restricted area $50
Failure to stop/yield $50
Disobeying a public safety officer's signal $50
Careless or reckless operation of a motor vehicle $50
Parked over lines or blocking two (2) parking spaces $50


Saint Xavier University reserves the right to tow a vehicle, at the owner's expense. The safety and welfare of all individuals utilizing campus property will always be strictly enforced. Storage, abandonment and incurred payments will be the responsibility of the vehicle's owner. All unauthorized vehicles left on campus after 2 a.m. are subject to tow at the owner's expense. Saint Xavier University is not responsible for any vehicle damage or theft while parked on the campus. During severe rainstorms, some parking lots may flood. 

You have the option to appeal all citations issued. Please use our Parking Citation Appeal Form (PDF) to appeal your citations. Please note, you must save the form to your desktop before filling it out. You will need to submit the completed form and a photo copy of all citations that are being appealed on the form to Public Safety. All documentation must be received by the Public Safety Department within 14 days of the issued date on the citation. Please send all documentation to the Public Safety Department attention Public Safety Coordinator. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Public Safety at 773-298-3950.