Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

Vehicle Regulations

Vehicle Regulations

Below is a list of all of the vehicle regulations. You can also view the complete Parking on Campus and Vehicle Regulations Manual (PDF)

Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles left in an abandoned state will have a warning notice affixed to the driver's side rear window. If after five days the vehicle is not claimed, it will be towed and stored at the owner's expense. If for any other reason you must leave your vehicle on campus, please notify Public Safety at extension 4400.


If you are hit by another vehicle, or are in any way involved in an accident on University property, you should call the Public Safety.


Citations must be appealed in writing to the Campus Police and Public Safety within 14 days of issuance. If not appealed within 14 days, recipient forfeits all appeal rights. Citation Appeal forms can be obtained from Public Safety located in the Campus Service Center.


Bicycles are not required to be registered. However, it is highly recommended that, for safety and theft reasons, you register your bicycle with the Chicago, Orland Park, Oak Lawn or Evergreen Park Police Departments.

Driehaus Center Parking Restriction

General parking is not permitted at the Driehaus Center. All of the spaces are reserved exclusively for Gilhooley's Grande Saloon and Copy Cats customers. 

Fines and Payment

All fines should be paid in the Public Safety office located in the Campus Service Center. After the 14-day appeal period, fines should be paid in the Bursar's Office located in the Warde Academic Center.

Fire Lanes and Handicapped Parking Zones

Parking is not permitted at any time in fire lanes, designated handicapped parking zones, or marked designated spaces. If unloading passengers and/ or packages, a vehicle may utilize loading zone parking spaces with hazard lights flashing, provided the duration of the use does not exceed five minutes. Citations will be issued for any vehicle unlawfully parked in these areas. Either a University, City of Chicago or Village of Orland Park violation notice will be issued.

Guest Parking

Guests remaining overnight must register their vehicle with the resident hall Public Safety desk officers after their stay has been approved by an RA. Guest vehicles are permitted to park in Lot 7, which is located east of Morris Hall. All unauthorized vehicles left on campus after 2 a.m. are subject to being cited and towed at the owner's expense. Vehicles are prohibited from parking overnight in the Bookstore Parking Lot 2.

Late Fees

After 14 days, unpaid citation fines will automatically be charged a $5 late fee. Where applicable, student or employee accounts will be charged the original fine and late fee.

On-Street Parking

There is no authorized University parking on 103rd Street, Central Park Avenue, S. Lawndale Avenue, S. St. Louis Avenue, S. Spaulding Avenue, neighboring side streets, or adjacent schools, churches or businesses. The Chicago and Evergreen Park Police Departments patrol these areas. Vehicles parked illegally on the streets or private property around the University may be ticketed and towed. Under Illinois law, University Police are authorized to regulate and control traffic on the public way adjacent to University property.

Responsibility for Fines

The registered owner is responsible for all traffic and parking citations and fines for that vehicle, regardless of who was using it (unless previously reported stolen).

Repairing of Vehicles on Campus

Performing any major repairs and oil changes are prohibited. Registered owners are permitted to make minor repairs such as fixing a flat tire, replacing a battery or light bulbs. Hazardous or dilapidated vehicles are prohibited and may be cited and towed.

Theft and Damage

Saint Xavier University cannot, and will not, assume responsibility for theft and/or damage to vehicles or their contents while on campus. Vehicles should be locked at all times and valuables stored out of plain view.


A violation of any of the following regulations is just cause to have a vehicle towed:

  • Parking in a handicapped zone
  • Blocking a fire lane
  • Parking in a restricted area
  • Parking in a designated visitors' space
  • Abandoned or hazardous vehicle
  • Unregistered vehicle parked overnight after 2 a.m.

The University utilizes a licensed police tow company:

Walsh Auto and Truck Repair
5600 W. 111th Street
Chicago Ridge, IL

Regular business hours are as follows:
Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday: 7:30 a.m. to noon
Sunday: Closed
Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

Unpaid Citations

Unpaid citations will be forwarded monthly to the Bursar's Office and charged to the vehicle owner's account.