Saint Xavier University Bell



In order to ensure that you begin your college career in coursework that is appropriate for your ability level, all incoming first-year students need to complete placement testing for Math and English courses. There are a large variety of dates and times available for the placement testing. If you are located a significant distance from the campus and would prefer to take your placement testing closer to home, we can arrange for "remote testing" which would be at a location that would be more convenient to you and your family.

We are asking that you complete your placement testing at least two weeks prior to the date that you will be attending orientation in order for us to have enough time to create your fall class schedule to be presented at FOCUS. You are strongly encouraged to prepare for the placement testing by taking time to review, especially your basic algebra, if it has been a while since you have had an algebra class. The placement test is an adaptive test that begins at basic algebra and can test students into calculus.

For information about SXU’s placement program or to access study materials, please visit our University Placement Program page. Testing questions may be directed to 773-298-3289.